26 Weird Bra Designs Ever Invented!

Bras are designed in many shapes and sizes. While most bras are designed for everyday use, some bras are invented for the sake of the medium of human creativity. They come in a shape that literally can make your jaw drop. Some of them also can make you awe of their unique designs. Thanks to famous celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga, we are able to witness bizarre yet eccentric inventions of bra designs in the mainstream media. Because of the shapes and the designs, it is almost impossible to wear this bra unless it’s for a show!

Are you curious in finding out what are these weird but unique bras ever invented by humans? Here is the list of the invention of 26 weird bra designs that’ll make you jaw-dropped!

Bullet Bra

Bullet Bra


Image via Dusty Old Thing

A bullet bra is a distinctive type of bra that creates a pointed shape to the breasts. It is a symbol of the 1950s. The Prema-Lift brand was releasing the first bullet bra in 1941. There are no underwires in the bullet bra. The bullet bra was only stitching that forced the cups to keep their shape. A pointed appearance was emphasized when spiral stitching was achieved. The softly conical bra built with a much more defined finish. When actresses like Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe and Kim Novak began to wear the new bullet bra, the trend became very popular as everyday women wanted to emulate the stars in all of their glory.

Cone Bra

Unique Bra


Image via CNN Style

Cone bra is similar to the bullet bra, lifting and separating with a subtle conical shape. The cone bra is not padded. It managed to provide a soft feminine silhouette. Madonna’s pink satin cone bra made its debut appearance at her Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. Cone bra has become synonymous with Madonna who created signature looks for the last four decades.

Fishbowl Bra


Image via BoingBoing

Triumph presented a new concept bra, the “Super Cool Bra” during its unveiling in Tokyo on 9 May 2012. The bra modelled by the miniature fishbowl. The bra contained a gel material to draw excess heat out of the body in its cups and help women “feel refreshed” during summer.

Cabbage Bra


Image via YouTube

Certain studies have shown that putting cabbages underneath your bra can prevent breast cancer. It is more common in nursing mothers as they certainly know what lactation problems are such as mastitis, breast inflammation, swelling and concave warts.

Sticker Bras


Image via AnOther

Charles Langs introduced sticker bras at Jones Beach, New York in May 1949. It was a pair of discrete cups with frilled circumferences. The sharp, protruding points can be worn as outerwear and facilitate an even tan at that time. Backed with a specially developed adhesive, it aimed to be strong enough to hold fast during vigorous exercise and yet be easy and painless to remove. As time passed by, it evolved from stick-on pads to nipple stickers.

Fireworks Bra


Image via Adore Me

Jean-Paul Gaultier, the bra designer for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour, invented a bra with live sparklers for Lady Gaga during The Fame Monster era in 2009. The firework bra also appeared in Lady Gaga’s most iconic music video in the 2000s, “Bad Romance”.

Coconut Bra


Image via Culture Trip

A coconut bra is a bra that is made out of half-shells of a coconut. Temperate regions of the North and South Pacific, including Hawaii, Polynesian areas and other various archipelago countries often associated with these bras. In the past, islanders may have had to use whatever resources they had on the island. The coconut bra is mainly used as a novelty item in themed parties today. Unfortunately, it has become a negative stereotype to Hawaiian girls and women where some tourists see girls with coconut bras and grass skirts as the first thing that pops into their minds. Futhermore, locals don’t wear this type of attire as they shop at all the same popular stores as everyone else.

Food Bra


Image via Nylon

Katy Perry’s over-the-top costumes in her music video “California Gurls” were among the most memorable fashion in pop culture history. The costumes were a Candy Dots dress, a cupcake bikini top and her famous bedazzled bra that shoots out whip cream. In the chorus of the second verse of “California Gurls”, Perry dressed in Daisy Dukes with shorts boasted close to 7,000 blue and grey Swarovski crystals and a cupcake-style bra top made of foam by Marco Marco. Perry wore a Cool Whip bra for the final verse of “California Gurls”. Cool Whip bra was a red outfit that was made of latex and bedazzled by crystals.

Hand Palm Bra


Image via The Cut

Lady Gaga’s hand palm bra is one of the weirdest and cringe-worthy moments in her 2013 music video, “Applause”. David Bowie’s 1973 green hands and cobweb costume influenced Gaga’s hand palm bra. Natasha Korniloff designed the 1973 Bowie’s costume. American television censored the costume as the third hand originally layover Bowie’s crotch area. Modest pants and a one-legged legging combo replaced the third hand. In Gaga’s “Applause”, the third hand lay around her neck.

‘Wine Rack’ Bra


Image via Daily Mail

The ‘Wine Rack’ bra holds 750 ml of drink and comes complete with a straw attached to the watertight tubing inside the cups. It can inflate a girl’s chest by up to two sizes. New Jersey retailer BaronBob.com produced the The ‘Wine Rack’ bra. It has proved popular with students during the U.S. state’s recent heatwave.

Open Cup Bra


Image via Girl Nine

Open cup bra is one of the unique and innovative bras that can come in all sorts of designs – ¼ cups, a peed-a-boo style and completely open cup bras. These bras that can come up with a variety of styles, patterns and colours will turn the intimate moments into an adventure.

‘Dentellicieuse’ Bra


Image via Vagabomb

‘Dentellicieuse’ bra is a cross between a butler costume and lingerie. However, it is the most useless bra ever yet it is the most expensive attempt to buy it – $214.69.

La Decollette bra


Image via Daily Mail

La Decollette bra or also known as anti-wrinkle bra claimed to banish the wrinkles left on a woman’s cleavage when sleeping on the side. The designer behind the bra, Rachel de Boer explained it provided a layer of cushioning between the breasts to prevent them from squeezing together that cause the vertical wrinkles in the cleavage. She has sold $61.92 in her home country, the Netherlands, since October 2008. La Decollette bra has now been made available to other European countries, including Great Britain, via her website. 

Clap off Strapless Bra


Image via Instructables

Clap off a strapless bra is a bra that can be unclasped by clapping your hands, or people nearby clapping their hands. The battery power up the clap-off strapless bra. It uses a switch that is controlled by an electromagnet. The switch opens the bra clasp when someone claps. American media artist and engineer, Randy Sarafan invented this clap-off bra. Syrian lingerie such as cookie bras, glow in the dark bras and knickers, and other remote-controlled items inspired him to invent this bra. Sarafan has posted the DIY instructions of clapping off strapless bra on his website, Instructables. (Read more on Instructables: Clap-Off Bra)

LED Push-Up Bra


Image via Daily Mail

Electric Styles made the infamous LED push-up bra. It features electroluminescent wiring attached to the outside of a classic black push-up bra for women looking to enhance their cleavage with a little bit of neon. The cost of the bra is between $55 and $75. Two inconspicuous AA batteries powered up the LED bra and lasts up to 24 hours.

Tennis Ball Bra


Image via The Sun

A group of four female friends wore bras that were made of tennis balls. They surprised the onlookers at the Wimbledon championship when they unzipped their grey hoodies to reveal the inventive undies. Black skinny jeans and trainers paired with tennis ball bras. It was a popular choice for the spectators back then in 2016.

Chopsticks Bra


Image via Reuters

Triumph International Japan unveiled the “My Chopsticks Bra” in Tokyo in a bid to promote the use of reusable chopsticks instead of disposable ones. The concept bra comes with a pair of collapsible chopsticks and a Japanese dining table theme. It consists of a rice bowl at the right cup, a miso soup bowl at the left cup and a removable chopstick that rests between the cups. Holsters, made of cloth and placed on the sides of the cups, hold the chopsticks while pushing the breasts to create cleavage.

Spinning Peppermint Bra


Image via HuffPost

Katy Perry’s insurance company declared a hazard for her infamous 2011 spinning peppermint bra. According to Perry, the wheels of the spinning peppermint bra caught her hair and began to coil around. Somehow, Perry managed to continue her performance. Her insurers were so afraid that Perry’s brassiere can injure her and lead to cancelled performances. The spinning peppermint bra had reportedly been banned from any future shows.

“Grow Your Own Rice” Bra


Image via Japan Today

The “Grow Your Own Rice” bra transformed into a rice-growing kit which allowed the wearer to cultivate rice anywhere at any time. The bra was created in hopes that more people would be familiar with farming and develop an awareness of the importance of agriculture according to the lingerie maker in an interview in 2010.

Solar Power Bra


Image via Weird Asia News

Triumph International Japan Limited has introduced the “Solar Power” bra, a solar bra with a built-in solar panel that captures and redistributes the sun’s power. It can generate enough electric energy to power a cell phone or iPhone! According to Triumph spokesperson, Yoshiko Masuda, the concept bra will not be in stores anytime soon as people usually cannot go outside without wearing clothes over it. Somehow, it does send the message of how lingerie could save the planet.

Konkatsu Bra


Image via Welcome to Tokyo Meet Market

Lingerie company Triumph just made a Konkatsu bra or known as a “marriage hunting” bra to the public. It was designed as encouragement for all the women who are involved in “marriage hunting” activity, hoping someday to be happily wed. “I Am Currently Involved in Konkatsu Activities”, written on a white bra, which had a design that resembles a wedding dress. The bra featured a marriage countdown clock from “Start of Konkatsu” and ended dateline time for “Happily Married”. The countdown immediately stops when an engagement ring is inserted between the cups. The melody of the wedding march song will start to celebrate the engagement. It also had pockets to hold a pen and a stamp to sign the marriage contract.

“Stop The Birth Rate Decline” Bra


Image via China Daily

A Japanese model displayed Triumph International Japan’s bra called, “Stop The Birth Rate Decline” in Tokyo in 2006. According to the company, the bra featured embroideries illustrating children supporting older women and creating awareness of the issue of serious decline in Japan’s population.

Faveo Freedom Bra


Image via News24

The bra designer, Joanne Morgan confessed that she designed the Faveo Freedom Bra after a couple of glasses of wine. Then, she came up with the idea when she bought a backless dress. Somehow, she couldn’t find a bra that went with it. She started to experiment with new ways to invent a bra. According to Morgan, she had her Eureka moment after a couple of drinks.

Compression Bra


Image via CureDiva

Compression bras are designed to provide compression and lift to the patient recovering from breast surgery. It has no under-wiring and will enhance the results of a mastectomy. Surgical compression bras help you to reduce swelling, protect and stabilize the breast area during the surgery recovery period. The bra must use correctly. A compression bra with ice can hold an ice pack. Moulded cups, zippered front closure and adjustable shoulder straps are the features of the compression bra.

Machine Gun Bra


Image via Daily Mail

The Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara appeared in a scene in the 2013 film, Machete Kills where she shoots bullets out of her Austin Powers Fembot style bra from her underwear. 

Lobster Bra


Image via Genius Beauty

American artist Laura Ann Jacobs is using a lobster shell to create a lobster bra. This unique bra is something everyone is not familiar with. Jacobs has a reputation for marrying objects d’art and female pieces of clothing and accessories in the most unexpected fashion possible. Her other bra works are Are You Game bra, Full Bloom bra and A Grateful Bra.

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