5 Best Post Surgery Bras on Amazon

After chest or breast surgery, your breasts are likely to swell and it will take time for the skin to be repaired. Therefore, undergoing chest or breast surgery comes in a package with equipping you with the knowledge on how to wear a bra after surgery and preparing a couple of post surgery brasEven if your surgeon may provide you with a post-procedure bra after the surgery, there’s nothing wrong with having one ready at home. You’ll also need to change your bra and wear another one while waiting for it to dry after washing.

A postoperative bra can be a critical part of your recovery after breast surgery. They help reduce swelling, support implants that tend to drop, and provide an easy way to attach drainage tubes if you have them after your surgery. Not all surgeons recommend bras after procedures like tissue flap breast reconstruction, as they can cause too much pressure. Be sure to ask your surgeon if they suggest using one and if they’ll provide one after surgery.

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What to Look for in A Post Surgery Bra

According to Healthline, When you choose the right post-surgery bra, you might as well consider the bra has the following features:

  • Wire-free. Wearing a wired bra may cause harm to your skin as it can possibly cut your skin without your realization due to numbness after the surgery. Besides that, most post-surgery bras should have no wires.
  • Pockets. You may find a bra with pockets if you’re willing to wear a prosthesis after the procedure.
  • Soft Fabrics. Generally speaking, wearing a softer fabric will make you feel more comfortable wearing the bra. This also applies when looking for a post-surgery bra. A soft bra is gentler to your skin and it can prevent scratching your skin which can worsen the wound on your skin.
  • Adjustable & Front Closure. Having a post-surgery bra with adjustable straps and closures will make your life easier. Especially, when it’s put at the front part so you won’t need to stretch or twist yourselves for the sake of adjusting the bra to your comfort.
  • Longer Lines. A post-surgery bra with a longer band will prevent you from the restrictive feeling of wearing a bra with a shorter band that can chafe you.
More tips on finding the right post-surgery, it is best to avoid a bra that has too much detailing that may cause your breasts to become more sensitive. You may also opt for a bra that has cushioned strap for more comfort.
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Post-Surgery Bra Recommendations

If you are still wondering which bra is suitable after post-surgery, here we recommend the 5 best post-surgery bras you can buy on Amazon.

5 Best Post-Operative Bras

1. Wanayou Women's Zip Front Bra

Receiving over 29k++ ratings on Amazon, this Wanayou Women’s Zip Front Bra is a go-to for its wearers. This bra has a zipper closure in the front part which is protected with the anti-slide zipper and covered with a protective layer to prevent scratching. Say no to scratchy post-compression bra! Just like how a post-surgery bra should be, this bra is wire-free.

Besides, this bra also comes with pads that you can remove anytime you want. Not to mention, the material is stretchy and comfortable, one of the key things all post-surgery bras should have. Another plus point is, you can still keep and wear this bra as it is the perfect company for exercising after surgery. Sleeping in it is also a good idea! 

Post-surgery bra
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2. BRABIC Women's Front Closure Bra

If your cup size is an A to a D cup, this BRABIC Women’s Front Closure Bra is perfect for you! It has full coverage soft compression support designed to provide a faster recovery from swelling after breast surgeries. Moreover, it also has an added breast support band which will help adjustment easier and to make the breasts stay put. 

The material of the bra is smooth and silky which will make you want to wear it all day. Same as the previous one, this bra has a front closure. But, instead of using a zipper, this bra uses a hook and eye closure which may be uncomfortable for some. Nonetheless, this means that you can adjust the tightness of this bra to your liking.

Post-Operative Surgery
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3. Burvogue Post-Surgery Bra

Burvogue Post-Surgery Bra is one of the postoperative products recommended by experts. You’ll want to get another couple of pairs once this bra hugs your breasts. It has three front closure hooks and removable straps you can easily adjust. Different from BRABIC Women’s Front Closure Bra, the hooks of this bra is invisible since it’s located at the inside part of your bra. This may be uncomfortable for you but don’t worry because it won’t poke your skin! 

For more benefits, the sides of the bra are lower to avoid cutting into your armpits. They also have some extra side paddings but the part of the cup is not padded. Even so, the bra uses a thick and soft material for compression and swelling reduction. Even more, the criss-cross back and the wide elastic band will provide good support to your back.

Post-Procedure Bra
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4. BRABIC Shaper Tops Surgery Bra

If you’re looking for a post-surgery bra that will give enough support to your breasts while giving compression to your arm, search no further! This bra will work it out for you. It will compress and hold your arms which will give a slimming look to your arms. 

BRABIC Shaper Tops Surgery Bra has chest-side support for more comfort. The front hook closure and adjustable straps make it easier for you to put on and comfortable to wear. Another plus point this bra has is it has an elastic and soft material that won’t irritate your skin. If you’d like to order this bra from Amazon, you can go with your usual size. Grab the bra and you’ll be impressed!

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5. Leonisa Corrector Bra

If you would like to invest more money in a comfortable post-surgical bra, you may wanna try Leonisa Corrector Bra. The material used for this bra is soft and breathable. It has adjustable straps and front closure like any other post-surgery bra. Another feature you can find in this bra is it has higher back support which will help correct your posture. You won’t also need to worry about the bra leaving a bulky impression on your bra because this bra will compress your breasts without hurting them.

Post Surgery Bra
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Conclusion: A note about Post Surgery Bra

When it comes to choosing the best post-surgery bra, comfort is a number one priority and it’s non-negotiable as you’ll deal with swelling and scars. What you need to look into in a post-surgery bra is first, it should be wireless and preferably has a pocket. The fabric is also one of the most important things you can’t overlook. It should use soft and almost no unnecessary details. Next, the bra is adjustable and has a front closure for easier mobility. Last, it has a longer band to avoid it being restrictive. These will help you with a smooth recovery after chest/breast surgery. So, which one is your favorite bra? Share with us in the comment section below.

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