5 Tips on How to Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

For decades, it has been the mainstream fashion trend to make the boobs look bigger, showing off deeper cleavage. While this can make women appear more sexy and attractive, it can be a struggle for women who have large breasts, which most of the time, find it harder to find clothes that able to fit them perfectly. It’s also not a surprise that some of them feel uncomfortable with having large breasts. If you are one of them, you must’ve been asking how to make breasts look smaller. Well, buckle up, we’ll show you 5 fashion hacks on how to make breasts look smaller in no time without undergoing surgery.

Wear Minimizing Bras

Minimizer Bra
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First and foremost, the type of bra you’re wearing can have a different effect on how your busts will turn out. In this case, a minimizer bra is an excellent choice because it conceals your boobs while maintaining a feminine silhouette. Minimizer bras are designed to spread pressure across your chest, giving your breasts a flatter appearance. Most of them feature little to no padding, similar to bralettes and sports bras. That being said, you should avoid wearing bras with thick paddings if you wish to have flatter-looking boobs. And once more, find the right size!

For a minimizer bra, Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra is the best choice for you. This bra will give your boobs a rounded and minimizing look. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to deal with pointy cups which can make your breasts look perkier instead of minimizing. This bra has an underwire and minimal padding but it won’t make your sisters stick out. A plus point as this bra is not only available in boring and limited color as they have various colors.

Maintain A Good Posture

Good Posture
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This is an important tip but often neglected by a lot. How you maintain a good sitting or standing posture will have a drastic difference on the visual of your breasts. The majority would think that slouching or bending your body inwards will help hide your breasts from getting attention. Well, on the contrary, it makes them look bigger because all your flesh is squeezed to the front. Even worse, this posture is a little bit awkward to see and able to cause bigger problems such as back pain and spine problems. So, you don’t have to stick your chest all the way out, but always stand or sit up straight.

Use Boob Tape Or Rabbit Bra

Using boob tape may sound new and seem strange at first to you, but they are actually quite helpful with your breasts! A fashion boob tape is designed to press up against your breasts and pull them up so the tissues are spread across your chest, making them appear smaller than your original size. Besides, there is also another type of adhesive bra that is known as a rabbit bra. It is another great option to use a rabbit bra if you want to tame your boobs without adding any volume. If you wanna try this trick, you need to be cautious as bra tape is sometimes not for everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin. You also need to make sure that you follow the instruction on how to wear and take it off for safety measures.

We’ve recommended Breathable Breast Lift Tape from Boobytape which you can get for just $9.99. And even more, this boobs tape comes with 10 nipple covers. This tape is made out of cotton 95% and 5% spandex. It is hypoallergenic, soft, and comfortable. Another thing you can expect from this tape is the strong adhesion that makes it not easily wear off, especially when you sweat a lot.

Breast Size Reducing Fashion

How to Make Breasts Look Smaller
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Not only does your type of bras matter, but also your clothing style. If your aim is to try to make your boobs look smaller so that people won’t notice your large breasts, you should definitely best avoid dresses or clothes like low-cut round-neck T-shirts and tight-fitting shirts. These types of dresses will only enhance the silhouette of your boobs (Source: Bratag). Instead, you may try to combine your clothing with a blazer or wear clothes made from flowy fabric. Wearing patterned clothes can also conceal your large busts, especially one that creates a vertical illusion pattern.

Look for V-neck and Scoop Neck Shirts

V-Neck Shirt for Making Breasts Look Smaller
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The rule about neckline fashion is the higher your neckline goes, the bigger your boobs will look. A higher neckline creates an illusion where your boobs look larger as there is a huge gap between the neck and your under-bust. If you want the busts to appear smaller, go for V necks and scoop necks as it’ll emphasize the focus on your collarbone.

Conclusion: A Note About How to Make Breasts Look Smaller

To conclude, the key tips for making your breasts look smaller are to avoid bras with heavy paddings, maintain a good posture, and wear clothes that do not reveal much of your breast area. The pattern of your tops will also affect the look of your breasts. Hence, you will need to pay attention to what you wear if you wanna make your breasts look smaller.

Despite this, no matter what our breast sizes are, we are always beautiful the way we were born. If you wish to have smaller-looking breasts, we hope these tips come in handy for you! However, you should always remember that our health and well-being are more important than our appearance. Never put pressure on yourself and compare yourself with other women for the perfect looks. Feel free to follow our Instagram page if you would like more bra tips and tricks like this!

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