7 Causes Behind Itchy Breasts

Have you experienced itchy breasts recently? Are you worried about why your breasts are suddenly itching? When it comes to itchy breasts, some of you may think that maintaining the cleanliness of either your body or your clothes can be one of the effective solutions. But, what if hygiene is not one of the concerns as you have already washed your bras regularly and taken a shower routinely? You don’t need to heavily worry about your itchy breasts in the first place. It’s pretty common for your breasts to itch as they have skin too. However, it can also be a bad sign that you shouldn’t ignore. In this article, we are going to explain the possible causes of itchy breasts apart from the cleanliness of your bra.

Heat Rash

Itchy Breasts
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Having itchy breasts is quite common among women who lead an active lifestyle and sweat a lot, especially those who live in countries with hot climates. Heat rash can form on, between, or under the breasts and can affect any portion of the body containing sweat glands. It’s also known as “prickly heat” and “miliaria.” One way to spot if they are heat rash is that they usually are prickly and itchy that come with bumps and blisters. Some other skin issues that may come in form of heat rash are eczema, yeast infection, and psoriasis. If you suffer from any of these diseases, you may need to consult with your doctor.

Breasts Growth

Itchy Breasts
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If your breasts grow, the tissues around them will stretch which makes you feel itchy. This is common to happen when you gain weight and your breasts start to grow. Some other reasons for breasts growth may due to:


  • Puberty: Teenagers who are in the midst of puberty will normally experience breast growth.
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, your breasts will grow as they prepare themselves to store breast milk for your baby. 
  • Hormonal changes: During, before, or after menstruation, your skin may become more sensitive which can cause itchy to your breasts. Women who are experiencing menopause are also likely to experience these hormonal changes.


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Allergy is another culprit of itchiness around your breasts. You can have an allergic reaction against laundry detergents, cosmetic products, skincare products, soaps, and even perfumes. Healthline states that an allergic reaction usually has an obvious redness or rashes. One way to identify it is that it can be intense and sometimes feels like the itchiness is coming from beneath the skin. Hence, changing the products you use is the only way to escape from itchy breasts. Seeking medical help from an expert is also suggested if you experience allergic to a certain product.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin Illustration
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The most common symptom of dry skin is irritation and itchiness. If the skin appears scaly and flaky, your skin is dry, hence the itchiness around your breasts. People who naturally have dry skin will be more prone to itchiness on their breasts too. Another cause may be when you use soap or skin care products that don’t suit your skin type. As a solution, you can use moisturizers or hydrating lotion that suits your skin type to help prevent dry skin on your breasts and ease the itching.

Another tip: keep your bath time under 10 minutes and use lukewarm water to wash your body since hot water will dry out and wash away the natural oil on your skin.


Pregnant Woman with A Bra
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As mentioned, during pregnancy, your breasts will grow as they are preparing themselves to produce milk and adjusting your body for pregnancy. There are also a lot of hormonal changes going on when you are a soon-to-be mother. Hence. it is natural if your breasts are itchy during pregnancy. To reduce the itch, you may try to put on moisturizer and sunscreen to your breasts so that it won’t get worsen.


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Itchy skin is a common problem that women face during their menopause phase, according to Medical News Today. As your hormone changes, the skin will become thinner and sensitive, making it prone to redness and itchiness. Your body will also secrete less oil on your skin, so it is harder to retain natural moisture that can make your skin dry. All these combinations will cause your skin itchy, including your breasts’ skin. 

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness

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Itchiness of the breasts can be a symptom of breast cancer, although they are rare cases. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, itchy breasts are listed as one of the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer, which is a form of rare cancer. An itchy areola or the nipple could be a symptom of another rare form of breast cancer known as Paget’s disease. 

In short, breast itchiness can be caused by various reasons, but it is in very rare cases that it is a symptom of breast cancer. You may wonder, when should you seek medical attention then? Jennifer Wider, a women’s health expert, and author told Woman’s Day that,

“Itchiness that persists and doesn't go away with treatment, or progresses into a rash or skin changes should be enough to seek medical attention,”

So, if the condition prolongs, you should consult a doctor immediately.

To conclude, there are several reasons why your breasts are itchy and it isn’t mainly because you don’t practice hygiene. Although having itchy breasts is common, you also need to beware as it can be a symptom of breast cancer. Therefore, it is always crucial to seek advice from an expert if the condition doesn’t stop instead of making assumptions by yourself. If you are interested in reading more information about bras and breast health, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram where we share a lot of information and knowledge related to bras and breast health!

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