A Bra A Day Part 1 – Standard Collection

In this article, I will be talking a little about the Standard Collection of our NFTs.

The Standard Collection Bras are the most basic, with a total of 318 types to choose from. There are three elements to a Standard Collection Bra, which are colour, bra pattern, and mood. There are a total of 6 colours, 5 bra patterns, and 12 moods to mix and match with. 


Cerulean blue

Cerulean Blue stands for trustworthiness, reliability, and responsibility. If people can trust you, rely on you when they need to, and you can handle responsibility like a champ, then this is the colour for you.

Purple iris

This colour is intense, yet authentic and full of charisma. The woman who represents this colour is intense and yet true to herself.

Olive green

Are you a lady who loves peace? Do you bring harmony to chaos and choose diplomacy over violence? Then this is the colour you should choose.

Watermelon pink

This colour is a shoutout to all the kind women who love to help others, rock on and don’t stop caring!

Blush red

The woman representing this colour is assertive, energetic and prone to impulsive actions.

Orange latte

Are you warm and optimistic, and have a good nature? Then your colour is orange latte!



Bubbly, energetic and charismatic? Look no further! The bubble-like image the circles bra pattern gives is a telltale sign of this personality!


If you are outgoing, warm, friendly, and practically radiating with feminine energy, then this bra pattern is sure to represent you!


The plaid pattern tells that you’re a humble and generous woman with a sincere heart, true to yourself and others.


Open-minded women with a powerful imagination who love to learn new things, this bra pattern is the one for you!

Zig zag

This bra represents a quick-thinking, elegant, intelligent, fun lady with a long-lasting impression.



The world is going to burn with the rage you hold deep within you.


What is happening? Why is everyone suddenly talking so much? The world is a confusing place, and you


Oh, this is so embarrassing! You want the ground to swallow you up whole!


Is something new happening? Or did your favourite show get a new season? Whatever it is, you’re excited, and it’s gonna be great!


Monsters, nightmares, house loans! Ohhhh, this is so scary!!


Ugh! Work is so hard and your family isn’t helping! Constantly frustrated and annoyed, you just can’t catch a break!


Ah, sunshine and rainbows! What a lovely time to be alive!


The sky is dark now… but there’s a small sliver of the sunshine somewhere between the clouds. Never lose hope.


Don’t be afraid to be who you are. You should be proud of yourself as a person.


It’s okay to be sad. Sadness is an emotion everyone faces in different points of their lives.


Breathe… It’s such a peaceful moment. What a lovely day to feel calm, maybe have a cup of tea.


Wow! Shocking! Bet you didn’t see that coming! You must be very surpsied!

The Standard Bra Collection is meant to capture and describe the person that you are. Hopefully, if you buy one of these, you will find that they accurately, or near accurately, describe the person that you are!