A Bra A Day Quiz – What Type of Bra Suits Your Personality?

Have you ever tried personality quizzes? Normally they associate a certain food or a certain character with your personality. Today, we are going to give you a personality quiz, but we will associate a type of bra that will fit with your personality. In association with the A Bra A Day initiative, your results will tie to the super rare bras collection. You will receive points for each question you answer. Tally up the points and your total will tell you what your bra type is!

Now, let’s get started!

  1. What are you known for?
    a) Never ending love for your family (20 pt)
    b) Loyalty to your friends (40 pt)
    c) A strong will to be who you want to be (60 pt)
    d) Good teamwork within the workspace (80 pt)
    e) Being sweet to your SO / a romantic matchmaker (100 pt)
    f) Being a mother figure to others (120 pt)
  2. What colour would you most associate yourself with?
    a) Pink (20 pt)
    b) Yellow (40 pt)
    c) Violet (60 pt)
    d) Blue (80 pt)
    e) Red (100 pt)
    f) Green (120 pt)
  3. What flower would you most associate yourself with?
    a) Cinquefoil (20 pt)

Image from istock on Unsplash

b) Arborvitae (40 pt)

Image from istock on Unsplash

c) Narcissus (60 pt)

Image from istock on Unsplash

d) Amaryllis (80 pt)

Image from istock on Unsplash

e) Red carnation (100 pt)

Photo by photo sung on Unsplash

f) Pink carnation (120 pt)

Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer on Unsplash

4. What meal would describe the person you are?
a) Family dinner (20 pt)
b) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (40 pt)
c) Bread / rice (60 pt)
d) Lunchboxes (80 pt)
e) Steak and wine dinner (100 pt)
f) Home-cooked food (120 pt)

5. Which movie character best fits you?
a) Mulan (From Mulan) (20 pt)

Image from the Fandom Wiki

b) Samwise Gamgee (From Lord of the Rings) (40 pt)

Image from the Fandom Wiki

c) Ellen Louise Ripley (From Alien) (60 pt)

Image from the Fandom Wiki

d) Margaret Tate (From The Proposal) (80 pt)

Image from the Fandom Wiki

e) Jack Dawson (From Titanic) (100 pt)

Image from the Fandom Wiki

f) Molly Weasley (From Harry Potter) (120 pt)

Image from the Fandom Wiki

6. What element would best describe you?
a) Earth (20 pt)
b) Ice (40 pt)
c) Lightning (60 pt)
d) Wood (80 pt)
e) Water (100 pt)
f) Fire (120 pt)

7. Let’s say you were packing lunch, what would you bring?
a) A dish cooked by your mom (20 pt)
b) Snacks! (40 pt)
c) Your favourite dish (60 pt)
d) You’d eat out(80 pt)
e) Cute bentos (100 pt)
f) Something you cooked / Something healthy (120 pt)

8. If you wanted to do something in your free time, what would you want to do?
a) Spend the day with your family (20 pt)
b) Have a day out with your friends (40 pt)
c) Do whatever you want / pursue your hobbies (60 pt)
d) Hang out with colleagues (80 pt)
e) Spend it with your SO / indulge in romance novels or movies (100 pt)
f) Babysit your younger sibling / cousin (120 pt)

9. What is a “bad habit” are likely to get?
a) You listen to your family too much (20 pt)
b) You get into trouble to help a friend (40 pt)
c) Your headstrong personality clashes with others (60 pt)
d) You work too hard (80 pt)
e) You are always with your SO / preoccupied with romance (100 pt)
f) You mother everyone (120 pt)

10. Where do you most likely see yourself in 5 years?
a) Taking care of your parents / living with your family (20 pt)
b) Having fun and going on trips with your friends all the time (40 pt)
c) Becoming a confident, self-driven successful person (60 pt)
d) Rising up the ranks in your job to become a good manager (80 pt)
e) Living a romantic life with your SO (100 pt)
f) Running a daycare / Having a lot of children (120 pt)

Point level: 0 – 200

You are:

A filial daughter (Bralette)

You are filial and a caring daughter to your family. Your love for them is unwavered and you are so willing to do a lot for them. This pink bralette best represents the innocence and pure love a daughter provides, with rose netting and an image of a daughter holding her mother’s hand.

Point level: 201 – 400

You are:

A loyal friend (Sports bra)

Your friendship is unquestionable and you are with your friend through thick and thin. You’re willing to do wild stunts to help your friend in need. This golden sports bra with two friends sitting next to each other, their hair braided together, suits the undying friendship you have. 

Point level: 401 – 600

You are:

A strong female individual (Full cup bra)

You are headstrong with a strong sense of self. Very few things can shake your mindset. This black full cup bra with a woman looking at the sky shows your inner strength, and how no matter the clouds that block the sky, you can see the silver lining. 

Point level: 601 – 800
You are: 

A hardworking colleague (Plunge bra)

You are a good person to work with in the office, and you put 100% effort into your job. You are also one of the many women who are proof women should have the opportunity to join the workforce and show the contribution they can make to society. This blue plunge bra with a woman in a working suit and a lightbulb cannot emphasize enough the fact women are capable of innovation and great things. 

Point level: 801 – 1000
You are: 

A loving wife (Balconette)

You are romantic and a charming person. Your love life is looking quite lovely. Your devotion to your partner proves you are the one for them, and this red balconette bra capturing the moment you forever seal your souls together further emphasises that.

Point level: 1001 – 1200
You are: 

A caring mother (Maternity)

Your nagging but caring attitude makes you a wonderful mom friend to those around you. You are willing to listen and take care of others like a mother would. This pink maternity bra featuring a mother holding her child reflects the tender, nurturing side of you. 

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