We are all individuals and unique in our own right. So are our breasts!

Everyone has slightly different shaped breast and different sized breast (maybe one is larger than the other?). No wonder so many of us have challenge with finding a bra that just FITS PROPERLY.

This is our mission. Every woman in the world has a bra that FITS.

A bra that doesn’t dig your shoulders. That doesn’t hurt your back.

Or ride up your back. That doesn’t have spills and gaps. Or a poking underwire.

To achieve this mission, All Things Bras is the place where you can find anything you ever wanted to know about bras so that you can find one that best fits YOU.

Because every woman deserves a comfortable bra.

I can’t do this all alone, I’m extremely grateful for my team members! If you want to join the team we’d be happy to hear from you.

Hi! My name is Zumi, and my role in All Things Bras is as a Graphic Designer intern. What I love about All Things Bras is its mission to break the taboo surrounding the topics of women’s bras and breasts. As well as its supportive and open-minded community to help women gain more knowledge about their breasts! Working at All Things Bras helps me push myself out of my comfort zone to explore my creativity further by doing new things. Our energy-driven team helps encourage my productivity as well! When I’m off duty, I love to create digital paintings, listen to music, and watch some movies!

Hello there! My name is Anna and I am a content writer and video editor intern at AllThingsBras. Ever since I joined the team, I’ve gained so much insight on how bras work, and how they’ve helped women find their confidence!

What I love about AllThingsBras is its mission to push beyond boundaries and break stereotypes that society has about “bras” and “breasts” through educating women with the right knowledge. The team’s open-minded, nurturing and flexible work culture has also extensively help me grow as an individual!

As I am passionate about art and I like to explore, watching movies, drawing, and listening to music is what I do when I have my free time!

Hi, everyone! My name is As Nurul Ainaa binti Awanudin. You can call me Ainaa. My post in AllThingsBras is Social Media and Community. When I first time hear about AllThingsBras, I’m quite curious yet inquisitive about it. After being introduced to it, I can see the benefits of it. It’s very important to educate women on finding the right bra which later affects their breasts later on. I also do not think that these topics should be categorised as taboo topics as it always happens to all women in the whole world.

Oh, yes, I spent my time listening to music through Youtube and Spotify. Not to mention, I enjoy watching movies and dramas through FMovies and Netflix. I also spent my time drawing manga whenever I’m bored and don’t know what to do.

Hi, there! I am Bana. I am an intern in AllThingsBras who is responsible for the article writing and Instagram’s engagements. 

What attracts me to join the team in AllThingsBras is the mission that can help all women to find the right bras for them and boost their confidence regardless of any shape of breasts they have by sharing more awareness on the use of bras. Moreover, it offers flexible working hours and the opportunity to work more closely and intimately with other members. Although we work from home, we can feel the togetherness and collaboration as a team. I believe, by interning in AllThingsBras, I could leverage my skills to equip myself for future employment. 

By the way, I love watching K-Dramas and singing during my spare time. I am also interested in designing for Instagram content and I am still learning to create an eye-catching design for the audience.

Hi everyone, my name is Sansan Suwangsa, you can call me “Sansan” or just “San” also okay already :D, I’m a part of Social media community team in AllThingsBras.

What make me interested to join AllThingsBras is their mission to help all women to find the right bras for them no matter how’s they breasts shape, and because the company offer flexible working hour & place so I can do the works from anywhere without loosing my professional working life, also due to that flexible working style may make me meet people from whether other city or country & work together with them.

I passionated in kitchen related thingy about food & beverage like cooking or baking, so on my free time I usually will bake or cook something, other than that I also watch movies.

Hello, I am Evonne! I am an intern taking part in content writing.

What drew me to All Things Bras was the founder’s innovation, she creates custom bras and inspires women to go the extra mile to find the most suitable bra for them. The friendly vibe I get from the other members is also a lovely addition. I’m sure that with All Things Bras, the topic regarding bras and breasts will finally be given the attention it deserves.

In my free time I’m either on YouTube or social media, and I love drawing and singing too.

Good day, everyone! My name is Tharshini Chandran, and I work as an administrative intern for AllThingsBras. As a member of the AllThingsBras team, I’ve learned a lot about the many types of bras and how they fit our bodies.

What drew me to join AllThingsBras was the initiative they’re taking to educate and raise awareness among women about the types of bras they should buy that are both safe and comfortable. The main reason for my interest in joining the team is that they have flexible working hours and allow us to work from home. Not only that, but the creator of the company believes in her employees. Not only that, but AllThingsBras is a tiny group of people who work together to maintain and increase the quality of their work, despite the adage that “quantity above quality.” I am confident that interning at AllThingsBras will provide me with all of the required knowledge and abilities to flourish in my future job.

I am passionate about dance and enjoy watching Turkish dramas. I’d also like to help with the administrative side of AllThingsBras.

Hello! My name is Adzra, and I’m in charge of handling Social Media and Community intern in AllThingsBras. 

I personally admire the purpose of AllThingsBra as it helps to educate women to find their comfort through choosing the suitable bras despite the various unique shapes. I believe it will empower women’s confidence and helps to raise awareness of taking care ourselves and most importantly, to love of our body unconditionally. 

With the flexibility of working hours and a positive yet open-minded supporting teams, this motivates me to become more creative in ideas and allow opportunity to sharpen my skills. 

Regarding myself, I enjoy singing. Pop soul and jazz are my favorite genres. Oh, I play guitar along too. Growing up, music has always been my closest interest.

Hi everyone! I am Anis Syazmeera binti Adimunawar but people just call me Anis. I am an intern here under social media engagement. It’s not my usual cup of tea since I am majoring in Accounting and Finance but I am always eager to learn new things. I love listening to music, a nature junkie and also I always try to keep a healthy lifestyle by going for yoga and spin classes.

The reason i chose to work with AllThingsBras is that I love the mission and vision that Sarah stands up for. I am happy to help and contribute my experience to this company to make it grow further in the future.