Bras and Their Sizes

We all know the agony of finding the right bra size. But why is finding the right size so difficult? Let’s dive in and see once and for all why our bra sizes never seem to fit us and how to solve this problem. 

Symptoms? Say ah!

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First, let’s see some of the telltale signs of you wearing the wrong bra size. 

Underband discomfort: 

Is the underband riding up your back? Or do you feel like you’re suffocating in it? While it’s good to have a bra band snug against you, it’s bad to have it practically strangling you through your sternum. This means the bra is too small and you will need to go up a size. If the underband is riding up, then you will need to go down a size as the band is too big. 


If you feel your bra rubbing your skin 24/7 and it’s giving you bad rashes or just pain, you should consider going down a size. If the bra is too loose then it will allow for more friction against your skin.

Cup spilling: 

Are you boobs spilling out of your cups? Whether it is from below, above, or from the sides, you are definitely not wearing the right size. If your boobs are spilling out from the bottom, then your underband is too loose. If they are spilling out of the top or sides, then your cups are too small.


If your bra is gapping from the top or centre of your bra, that means your bra size isn’t right. If the gapping is at the top, try sizing the cups down. Id the gapping in the centre, try sizing the cups up.

Underwires digging or poking:

If your underwires are digging or poking you, it could be either too big or too small. You will have to inspect yourself where exactly the underwires are digging, so that you will know whether to size up or down.


If the bra cups have wrinkles, that means there is excess fabric in the cups. This means your bra size is too big and you need to size it down. 

Just give me a reason!

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Now that we have the signs down, let’s get down to why. Now, the biggest reason is because we are confused about the standard sizing. The traditional method of “Measure your ribs, add 4 or 5 inches then measure your breasts and you will find your cup size through the difference in measurements” is only useful in the past because the bras of that period of time didn’t stretch like modern bras do, and if you apply this to modern bras it starts causing issues. 

Another reason is we measure according to what we think is the right thing. For example we may feel like the bands are more comfortable if loose, when in reality it should fit snugly around your ribcage. 

A majority of helpers at your local lingerie shop also may not have the right experience and in turn measure you wrongly and give you the wrong-size bra. This is why even after a fitting you may continue experiencing the problems with your bra. 

How to get it right

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The way to get it right isn’t as easy as it seems. While you may be able to roughly get a size through measuring, the best way to actually get the right size for your bra is to get yourself fitted by an actual professional and try out the bras yourself. Manufacturing follows a template, but sometimes it doesn’t fit you even when the label says it’s your size. So you have to make sure you try before you buy, if you are able to. 

The final thoughts

What should you do then, to get this right? The first thing you can do right now is to get yourself measured so you have a rough size. You can use this bra size calculator to help you. If you don’t feel confident about your measurement, you could always go and get measured by real professionals. The next time you go bra shopping, if possible make sure to try before you buy, so that way you know it fits you. Here is a neat tip: Make sure it is snug on the loosest hook so that when it stretches out over time, you are able to adjust accordingly. 

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