Common Bra Problems and Ways to Solve Them

We all have a love-hate relationship with bras, it comes from wearing them. Problems that come with wearing bras often arise, but luckily a majority can be solved! Let’s go and find the solution to solving these common bra problems!

1. The bra straps are falling

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One of the most annoying problems women have with wearing bras is that the straps fall off, usually at the worst moments. This problem is easily solved through tightening the straps, but if the bra straps still fall even on the tightest setting, that means the bra is worn out and a new one is needed. If you need a quick fix, then you can try this out!

2. The bra digs into your skin and leaves red marks

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The second problem is the opposite of the first one – The bra straps are too tight. Sometimes, however, this could also mean you should loosen or tighten your bra band. If the red marks are only on your shoulders, then you should try to tighten the band because a loose band means you will tighten the straps to compensate for the lack of support. If the red marks are under the breasts and on the shoulders, then you should loosen your band or buy a bra with a bigger band.

3. The back of the bra is riding up

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This problem leaves many women scratching their heads. Why exactly does this happen? Well, the most common reason is because the bra is too big. If you face this problem often, then you need to buy a bra with a band one size smaller, but cup size one size bigger, or you can try Rixie clips.

4. There’s spillage in the cups

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Maybe the problem you face is that your breasts are spilling out of the cups. This is a sign that the cup size is too small. You should buy a bra with a bigger cup size, but don’t change the band size. If you’re a D cup or larger, it’s best if you buy full coverage bras.

5. Your nipples hurt

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This problem can actually stem from a bra that is too loose or too tight, and the bra rubs your chest the wrong way which could chafe your nipples. For a quick solution, you should buy this.

6. You have a lot of breast sweat

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If the problem you’re dealing with is that you sweat a lot in your bras, it could be you’re wearing the wrong type of bra or the material is the problem. Try buying an unlined bra so it doesn’t hug your breasts too tightly, or buy a bra made from cotton which is more breathable, or alternatively buy this one!

7. Your breasts sit far apart

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Sometimes your breasts could be sitting far apart from each other. You can try buying a push up bra or a balconette bra for the support coming from the sides. If you’re looking for a bra that can do that, why not give this a try?

 8. Itching and poking when wearing the bra

If you feel itchy or poking when wearing the bra, then it could be the bra’s design. Look for bras with no tags, scratch free labels, or hidden elastics to prevent itching. 

9. Gaping at the top of the bra

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If there is gaping at the top of the bra, the cup size is too big. Try buying a bra with a smaller cup size.

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