Here’s How Wearing the Wrong Bra Can Affect Your Mental Health

Many women are not aware that a piece of garment underneath your clothes can affect your physical health, and yes, your mental health as well. When you wear the wrong bra size, you not only feel uncomfortable, but this will eventually cause you a series of health problems that are rooted from wearing a size too small or too big for your breasts.

According to research, 50% of women reported that not having sufficient support for breasts often lead them to breast pain. Other physical health problems that have been associated with lack of breast support are bad posture, neck, shoulder, back pain and skin abrasion.

National library of medicine

But did you know this issue that seemed subtle will potentially affect your mental health too? 

Lack of Self Confidence

We know that women look into the mirror and judge their physical appearances more than anyone around them does. Wearing a bra that does not suit you will further kill your self-esteem because of the lack of mental boost! Even though you dress well on the outside, you will experience skin irritation or physical pain around the body when your undergarment is constantly giving you discomfort.

“A bra fitting tells a woman that there is nothing wrong with her”, said Susan Nethero, the founder of Intimacy, a lingerie brand known for its personalized fitting.

susan nethero

When you don’t feel comfortable enough with what you are wearing, it leads you feeling “off”, and this projects an assumption to the mind that you don’t look good or something is wrong with your body. You will find that you are constantly being careful around people because you don’t want them to know that you’re feeling uncomfortable; and you will feel insecure about your appearance as a result.

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There is also a link between an ill-fitting bra and breast reduction surgery. According to a 2003 study, it was found that 102 females who underwent breast reduction surgery were all wearing the wrong size of bra and this has led them to go for breast reduction surgery. The researchers came to a conclusion that women should be sure that they are wearing the right size of bra before resorting to breast reduction surgery. (Read more: Why Breast Minimizing Surgery Is Unnecessary)

Irritable or anxiousness are crawling in you

You may ask: “how will I get irritable from wearing the wrong bra?” Well, you may describe it as a similar scenario when you’re sleeping in the middle of the night and a mosquito is constantly buzzing around your ears. When you wear a bra, you don’t change them frequently (or you simply don’t have the time to do that). Sticking with something that distracts you for a long time isn’t ideal, especially if you wish to focus on anything you do; and why would women want to spend their money on something that adds on to their stress right? Some of the common signs of wearing the wrong bra are: 

  • Your bra band is riding up your back
  • Your bra straps are digging into your skin or keep falling off your shoulders
  • Your bra leaves indentation on your shoulders, back, or your breasts

So, be wary of them, you don’t want to stress yourself out on bras when you can actually avoid them. What’s more, an ill-fitting bra can lead to skin abrasions, and the injuries are only going to make you feel worse when you find it difficult to wear bras.

The Body And Mind Relationship

We have mentioned that your bra can physically harm your health, specifically skin abrasions. Understanding the relation between the mind and the body can help in finding the preventative measures when taking care of our overall well being.

According to Health Assured , physical injuries can influence what we think, how we feel as well as what we do, and vice versa.

health assured

When interviewed, Tiffane Bell, a bra shopper who was looking for a bra mentioned that she used to cry because she couldn’t find anything that is comfortable for her. Now that she realizes the importance of mental health, she knows that a good bra helps her stay positive, healthy and less stressed, even if it may sound insignificant.

“A good bra gives you confidence,” “I feel proportioned and curvy, and it makes me feel sexier”, she emphasized.

tifanne bell
Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Our breasts are part of our body, and we definitely need to spend time taking care of them. Wearing a wrong size bra is a significant problem to women, but sadly many of us are not aware of the health implications that comes with it, especially the mental health aspect. We hope that we can enlighten you on the importance of choosing the right bra to avoid jeopardizing your physical and mental health.

The last thing you want a bra to do to you is to make you feel uncomfortable and lack of self confidence.

At All Things Bras, we believe that your mental health is as important as wearing a comfortable bra for yourself. Follow our community page at Facebook where we discuss problems we face openly. You are not alone in this path to build a confident self!