How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

Have you encountered an issue where your bra just couldn’t last longer? You’ll find your bra becomes stretchy after wearing it several times, or even more, it’s torn! You might be asking is it because of the materials of the bra or the brands? Well, maybe those two are not the main reasons. Instead, you have no idea that washing your bra too often can affect the sustainability of your bra. Well, it can be hard to balance between wanting to keep your bras fresh and clean and wanting them to last longer. If you’ve come to this article, you’ll find out how many times you should wash that bra that hangs in your laundry basket. Read along as you find out what a few bra experts had to say about bra care tips. Follow our tips and see the magic in keeping your bra last longer!

What The Experts Say

Bra Care Tips

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Well, laundry expert Mary Marlowe Leverette told PureWow her advice “The ‘rule’ is that a bra should be washed after every wear since it’s directly in contact with the body.” She also mentioned that it’s because “body oils, perspiration, and bacteria are transferred to the fabric and if left in the fibers will begin to break down the fabric—especially elastic fibers.” However, in reality, many of us do not have the time to commit to doing laundry every day. And for that she added, “If you wear a bra for only an hour or so and if you’re not perspiring or don’t have oily skin, you can wear the bra a couple of times before washing.”

The same advice was given by Teo Soleymani, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at UCLA Health, as he told SELF. The most important things to consider when you determine how often you should wash your bras are:
(1) how oily your skin is, and 
(2) how sweaty you get day-to-day.

He explained, 

“When you’re pretty sedentary and not overproducing oil or sweat, it doesn’t need to be washed after every wear,”

Teo Soleymani, M.D.

On the contrary, if you have to walk in the hot weather every day to work, you pretty much will be drenched in sweat by the end of the day. In this case, your bras will need more frequent washing.

How Should I Wash My Bras?

Washing Bra
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Laura Henny, a lingerie expert, explained to Insider that you should always hand wash your bras because all bras are handmade. If you’re using a washing machine to wash your lingeries, always remember to put them in a lingerie bag. You may also need to hook them closed so that the hook won’t ruin the other clothes. Not doing so may cause the hook to pull the yarn or thread from other clothes. It may seem like an extra effort and time-consuming to hand wash your bras. However, Henny mentioned that you should ”actually put as little work as possible into it.” Simply fill a bucket with cold water and a gentle detergent that is alcohol-free. Then, soak them in the water while you do your other chores and get back to it to rinse and dry them.

For drying, you need to make sure that you air dry your bra thoroughly. This is to avoid any bacteria accumulating on your bra because of the damp bra. Moreover, since your bra is the one that is directly in contact with the sweat. Another important tip from us is that avoid hanging your bra on one side of your straps. Or even better, just don’t do it at all. This is because your straps are likely to stretch and they will loosen when you wear them. Alternatively, you may lay it flat on a surface or hang it on the middle part, the part in between the cups.

What If I Sweat A Lot?

Fret not. In reality, many women do have the tendency to sweat more, especially during hot weather. So, how often you should wash your bra really depends on how sweaty you get. The tip is to make sure to rotate wearing your few bras in a week if you want them to last longer! You’ll also need to make sure that you don’t throw your bra into the laundry basket with piles of your dirty clothes while it’s damp. That will allow the germs to breed on your bra. Hence, you might need to give it enough room for it to dry. Or even better, wash it directly after ‘heavy’ wear.

Another alternative is by choosing a bra with moisture-wicking material like cotton or mesh. Try to avoid synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon as they are not as breathable as cotton or mesh. This makes spending your money on a bra with a breathable premium material could be a promising investment. However, sometimes we were just born with a body that always sweats a lot and even if we have worn a bra with this particular material, it doesn’t make any difference. In this case, stocking piles of bras in your closet will be the best option. Just in case, you may need to seek medical consultation as this can be a sign of a disease if you’ve never sweated a lot before even under the hot weather.

Taking care of your bra is easier when you know the tricks. Washing your bras with your hands will definitely make your bra sustain longer. But, if it’s difficult for you to spare your time doing it, skip the hassle and throw your bras into the washing machine! But remember, put it into a lingerie bag and hook it so that it won’t destroy the other clothes. Now you can keep your bra for as long as possible after knowing how to wash it and take care of it.

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