How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Yoga

Yoga has been a popularly known activity that greatly benefits us, mainly improving one’s strength, flexibility, balance and also helps to relax and sleep better at night. Most of the yoga enthusiasts think that having a good quality yoga mat, yoga pants and accessories will guarantee them a good experience.

Nonetheless, the inner wear plays an important role to make sure you do not hurt yourself during the exercise. A good yoga bra is easily ignored, yet it is the most essential part to avoid causing long-term damage to your body.

Can I Do Yoga Without A Bra?

Whenever you’re engaging yourself in activities and sports, it’s important to wear sports bras to support them. Doing sports and getting active without proper attire will put you at risk of feeling pain, neck and back tension, and even sagging breasts. 

Is A Yoga Bra Different from A Sports Bra?

Before we get straight into the answer, you must know that sports bras are divided into three different styles: high-impact, medium-impact and low-impact sports bras. 

High impact sports bra offers the best support for high intensity activities such as cardio HIIT workouts, running, boxing or cycling. To keep it simple, you should not buy a high-impact sports bra for your yoga session because it will restrict your movements, especially when yoga requires bending and stretching a lot.

With medium level of breast compression and support level, medium-impact sports bras are recommended for most of the sports and activities such as weight lifting activities or jogging. For yoga, it is not necessary for women to wear a medium-impact sports bra, though it is only suggested for those who have a fuller breast size that requires extra support during exercise.

Low-impact sports bras are the most suitable sports bra to wear for yoga class. Low impact sports bras are more suitable for activities like hiking and doing pilates. When  the activity does not involve high intensity movement, it is your best choice as they provide the most comfort and the least compression.

Why Do You Need To Wear A Yoga Bra?

Boost Your Confidence

It may sound like regular advice, but putting on a proper attire is crucial to help you stay confident. Yoga mostly involves getting into the right posture, so wearing the right outfit makes you pay more attention  to perfect a move, rather than worrying if your bra will stay in place or not when you bend down.

Prevent Soreness and Pain

Even when yoga does not involve jumping or running, you will still experience soreness or pain on your ladies because you are not wearing the right bra that greatly supports you. Imagine wearing a push-up bra to a workout session, you would get distracted and put you off from something you really wanted to try.

Avoid Stretch Marks

This is another point that is extremely important because not many women are aware of this. When you do not wear the right yoga bra and proceed to do your yoga moves, you are doing damage to your breast tissues. Kate Williams, the Senior Director of Women’s Design at Under Armour explained that:

“When exercising, the natural tendency of our breasts is to move independently of each other, up to about 8 inches from where they lay at rest.”


So, no matter the level of impact of the sports you’re playing, not wearing a supportive sports bra can lead you to tearing of breast tissue.

How To Choose The Right Yoga Bra For You

We believe that every woman has a different breast size, shape depending on how your fat tissues are distributed in your body; and this varies from person to person. These are the two main factors to consider when you choose a yoga bra.

Image via SewingIsCool

1. Comfort and Fabric.

A comfortable yoga bra ensures you fully focus on stability and maximizes your flexibility. Choosing a breathable and moisture-wicking material for your yoga bra such as cotton and microfiber helps make sure that you don’t feel all sweaty and sticky after a session of high difficulty yoga postures. Avoid underwires even if you have large breasts. They will be painful to wear throughout the yoga session as the wire is going to restrain your movements because you might feel painful.

2. Support.

This has always been the main purpose of all types of bras; to support the weight of your boobs. When doing yoga specifically, compression-style bras are the best for yogas as they help keep them compressed and in place when you do bending or inverted poses.

Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash

We hope that you learnt from this quick guide about yoga bras. If you would like to read about a comprehensive guide for sports bras, read about 3 Impact Levels Of Sports Bra And What They Mean.

Do always keep in mind that no matter if you have small or large size, it is always necessary to properly protect and provide support to your breasts for your overall well being.

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