Is It Good to Sleep With A Bra?

In everyday life, many of us like to sleep without a bra. Either because they think a bra can restrict movement during sleep or it is just a preference. Let’s face it. People have pondered for a long time whether wearing a bra to sleep is good. The old folks said that sleeping with a bra on can affect our breast health. To be specific, they assumed that it can cause breast cancer! Well, in fact, according to Dr. Terri Ann Samuels, a board certified urogynecologist and founder of Essentially You, on Healthline stated that there is no relevance between wearing a bra and cancer. Generally speaking, cancer is mainly caused by DNA mutations. This is no other internal problem than a factor caused by merely wearing a bra.

However, although it may seem uncomfortable, it is not a surprise that some of us may prefer wearing a bra a lot. There are women out there who wear their bras to sleep for comfort or other reasons. Some women wear bras in their sleep to reduce discomfort due to breast swelling, which is the effect of chest surgery. So today, let us spill the tea of some benefits and downsides of wearing a bra when you sleep. 

The Pros of Sleeping With A Bra On

Sleeping with your bra on is fine if you are under of certain condition. Let’s get to know why sleeping with a bra on can bring benefits to some of us.

For Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman with A Bra
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During pregnancy, the expecting mom will have to deal with breast growth which can be painful and soaring. You might also feel your nipples become even more sensitive than usual. Wearing a bra could minimize this discomfort as it can help to keep your breasts still and minimize movement. Further, in the second trimester, you will find a yellow discharge called colostrum that occurs from your nipples. This can happen at any time and more likely when your breasts are stimulated. It can be troublesome if you don’t wear a bra to sleep as the discharge will leak into your favorite pajamas or lingerie. In this case, a nursing bra will be so much help to absorb the discharge.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, a sleeping bra and a nursing bra are perfect to accompany your journey. Of course, you should consider the types of bras that are suitable for mom-to-be. The bra should have good support since you experience breast growth. Look for one with adjustable closures, a wide band to adapt to your breast enlargement, a seamless design in the cup, and cotton material for moisture absorption. Avoid wearing a bra that has an underwire. You wouldn’t want the wire dig which can disturb your sleep and it’s one hundred percent uncomfortable to wear! 

After Chest/Breast Surgery

If you just went to have chest surgery, befriending your bra day and night is a must for four to six weeks straight. The period for sure solely depends on your surgeon. After any surgery around your chest such as breast augmentation and mastectomy, your breasts will swell and you’ll have a wound around that area. The weight of your breasts can slow down the recovery of your wound due to the new wound being pulled. When your breasts move around and you lay down, this can put a strain on the affected area. With this, wearing a bra to bed will support your breasts and save you from further complications. 

The question is, what kind of bra is suitable after surgery? The answer is a soft bra that can compress your chest area. It should be soft because the surgery itself is already painful, so you won’t like the bra makes you more irritated. The bra shouldn’t be restrictive. It is recommended to find a bra with side support and back support. A front-fastening bra is also a lifesaver for any of you who have undergone chest surgery.

For Women With Large Breasts

Advantages of Wearing A Bra for Large-Breasted
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If you have large-breasted, these struggles might sound relatable to you. You’re already familiar with back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain caused by the size of your breasts. It also just feels wrong to sleep without a bra on than not wearing one. If you are one of the many women with large breasts, you may likely to enjoy sleeping with a bra on. It is because wearing a bra to bed can let you obtain enough support from the bra. Just like pregnant women who experience breast growth, not wearing a bra can strain your breasts even more and this is painful for you.

Besides, wearing a bra can prevent your breasts to sag because it keeps your breasts in place. Due to the heaviness of your breasts, your breasts will be 2x times more reluctant to sag. Therefore, you may wear this to your advantage so that you can get a good night’s rest.

The Cons for Wearing A Bra to Bed

After knowing the good side of wearing a bra to bed, let’s face the reality that wearing it can also bring harm to your health. However, this will happen only if you wear the wrong bra. Let’s find out together!

The Effect on Blood Flow

Effect of Sleeping in A Bra for Blood Flow
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The first mistake of sleeping in a bra is the feature your bra provides. Although you may wanna prevent breast sagging, that doesn’t mean you can wear a wired bra to sleep. Sleeping in a wired bra or a very tight bra could constrict the muscles on your chest wall. This will restrict blood circulation to the rest of your body, or prevent blood from reaching the breast tissue. Poor blood circulation will lead to dizziness and muscle cramps. This won’t be a good sign and hence you should avoid it at all costs.

So, if you wanna wear your bra to sleep, go wireless! You can also opt for soft and flexible materials that can follow the movement of your breasts while you turn around in your sleep. A padded bra should be avoided as well as a bra with this feature can give a dramatic lift. You need support but not too much!

Cause Skin Irritation

Sensitive Skin
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The second red flag of a bra is when they are made from low-quality materials. It’s not only annoying but an enemy to your sensitive skin. Many bras use lace or have the hook-eye binding method, both of which can rub against the skin. Lace or hook-eye binding bras could rub against your skin and cause rashes and irritate your skin if you wear them to sleep. Besides that, another skin issue you might face is skin fungus. If there is accumulated sweat and oil on the skin from wearing the bra, there is a risk of yeast growing on the skin and ultimately fungus. If you’re exposed to this, you could require medical treatment if serious. 

Again, bra material matters! Find a bra with high-quality materials. Choose one with soft material such as cotton. On top of that, maintaining the cleanliness of your bra is also essential for bacteria prevention. If you’re the type who easily sweats, finding a bra with moisture-wicking material is a good investment. Having your bra irritates your skin is definitely a big no. You wouldn’t want to wake up with your skin turn into flaming red. Go for a good bra for a good rest.

Final Thought

After all, it all comes down to preference, it seems, because there are pros and cons to everything. You can decide whether you want to wear a bra to sleep or not, as long as it’s comfortable for you. If you would like to wear it to bed, just make sure that you wear the right bra. A bra made from soft material and wire-free is a must as a sleeping bra. If you need support, just make sure that it won’t lift your breasts too much. Sleeping with a bra on shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort and health

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