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Macromastia, What Is It and How to Cure It?

Having large breasts can be annoying to some. Not only we will suffer from upper part body pain as we have to carry our heavy breasts, but also receive unwanted attention given by others which is extremely uncomfortable to experience. This becomes more obvious when we do some exercises such as running and jumping due to our breasts bouncing uncontrollably. Hence, finding the best sports bra for our large breasts can be tricky somehow. Well, generally speaking, it’s already difficult for us, large-breasted women, to find the right bra that fits. Anyway, it is normal to have large breasts but what if you experienced overdeveloped breasts? This condition is called macromastia.

Over time, our breasts will grow following our stages of life and eating habit. Therefore, the development of breasts can be caused by puberty, weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and many others. This can happen to anyone who has breasts, and certainly, it is normal. Macromastia, on the other hand, is the excessive enlargement of breasts at an alarming rate. It doesn’t happen to everyone as it occurs to only 1 – 5% population of women. This includes those who are going through puberty, experiencing pregnancy, or after taking certain medicines. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to equip yourself with the knowledge about it so that if one day you need it, you will know what to do as you already have the information at hand.

What Is Macromastia?

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Macromastia is, essentially, the abnormal enlargement of breast tissue in excess of the normal proportion, also known as very large breasts. Normally, breasts grow slowly, and depending on a girl’s genes her breasts can grow to small sizes or large sizes. Macromastia on the other hand is excessively growing and your cup sizes will increase drastically. In some extreme cases, the patient could go up one cup size in just a week. This is likely to affect the mental health of the patients. Some may have to regularly visit psychiatrists/therapist as their self-confidence begin to shrink. Another cost that patients with macromastia should pay is the unbearable financial burden. The patient may not only need to undergo surgery, but they will also have to get themselves a new bra as their breast size increases and receive additional treatments that can cost money. 

What Are The Symptoms?

Neck Pain
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The symptoms of macromastia include chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain, pain in your chest wall, headaches, and shoulder grooving. Poor posture is also one of the signs of macromastia, as well as numbness and tingling of the hands. Besides, when this happens, the patient may also experience shortness of breath, sleep disturbances, and there might appear rashes around the breasts (commonly underneath and in between). Some other symptoms may include bra strap grooves and low exercise tolerance. Besides, if your nipples start to lose their responsiveness by sensation, you have to stay alert as this can also be a sign of macromastia. It is best to consult with the doctor so that it can be cured as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms. 

What Are The Causes?

macromastia & obesity
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The occurrence of macromastia usually has many factors at play, and it tends to happen suddenly for unknown causes. While the cause of macromastia is most associated with obesity and hormonal imbalance, there is also a less common factor, which is juvenile breast hypertrophy. This condition is where the girl experiences an alarmingly rapid breast enlargement as she goes through puberty. Besides that, those who suffer from certain autoimmune diseases can as well develop the symptoms of macromastia. 

What Are The Effects?

Effects of Macromastia
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According to the study, “Adolescents with macromastia had lower Short-Form 36v2 domain, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, and Breast-Related Symptoms Questionnaire scores and higher EAT-26 scores compared with controls. Macromastia was also associated with a higher risk of disordered eating behaviors.” This means adolescents who suffer from macromastia have lower scores in terms of health domain, self-esteem, and higher scores in terms of eating disorder likelihood. On top of that, they are at a higher risk of having eating disorder behaviors, body image problems, and anxiety which can decrease the quality of life of the sufferers.

How to Cure Macromastia?

There is no certain treatment that can cure macromastia as it is commonly done case by case. Some of the most common treatments for macromastia include weight management, physical therapy, and breast reduction surgery. Due to the fact that one of the factors of macromastia is obesity, managing your weight may help with treating macromastia. Another option is by receiving physical therapy which will help strengthen your body. Light exercises daily will help work around the low exercise tolerance. It may also help to tighten the chest and strengthen your body. In cases where the first two options do not work well, breast reduction surgery will be the last hope for those looking to cure their macromastia. Some women may also need to take medication and wear special bras for macromastia. 

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Final Thoughts

We still don’t know enough about macromastia to know its true cause and the proper way to combat it. But with the right knowledge, we can at least figure out what to do should the need arise. If you encounter your breasts have grown at a rapid rate and your body shows any symptoms of macromastia, there’s nothing wrong with seeking medical assistance from your physician. All in all, leading a healthy lifestyle may not be the shortcut to preventing macromastia, but it is already proven can avoid us from any unwanted diseases. And macromastia is not an exception. Moreover, most diseases come from our daily meal consumption and bad lifestyle. Additionally, keep track of your body weight and your bra cup sizes. 

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