Redefining “Sexy” with a Good Bra

Were bras invented to make women look sexy? No.

Can women feel sexy from wearing bras? Definitely.

Bras aren’t even sexy to start with. It was created by a woman because she was frustrated at how her whale bone corset kept popping through her new party dress. (Read more: How A Single Handkerchief Evolves into The Modern Day Bra). 

Sexy is not about showing skin, being flirtatious, nor an impression that comes off from people around you. It is about the confidence, the vibe that flourishes from within us that eventually affects how people feel about us. 

You don’t have to look sexy, but you can always feel sexy. And a good bra can surely help you with that. Here’s why:

1. Sexy Is When A Bra Makes You Feel Nice

Woman smiling while wearing a sexy plunge bra
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How often do you doubt yourself that you actually look good when you look into the mirror? A good bra can come into the scene and help us on our self love journey. A decent bra that fits right on our body and embraces our natural breast size makes us feel good, strong and gives us an instant boost on self esteem. When a bra makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, you don’t have to think twice about how you look, because you already look good. A bra that fits how you are reassures you that you can look as good as you feel.

2. A Good Bra Helps To Enhance Anything You Wear

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Fashion is expressive. But it will not be as expressive if the person wearing it is not confident with how they will rock the outfit. With a bra that gives us a great fit, it pushes our self-esteem forward. The right bra has the power to make us feel different, whether you’re aware of it or not. A bra with a good support system gives you the right posture. With a good posture, this allows the muscles to function as they are intended to, and this will increase your energy level and make you feel less fatigue, says Kara Griffith, exercise physiologist at Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center. This is the reason why good postures are crucial for fashion models, it is not to look good on the runway, but also for their overall well being.

3. A Good Bra Empowers You In Every Way Possible

Woman in sports attire looking firece
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Just like meeting your soulmate, you feel connected with each other during interaction; you feel the same when you have found the right bra for you. When we put on the bra and the cups fully embrace your breasts, the straps do not dig in your skin and it does not make you suffocate, you know a good bra can bring out the best in you. A good bra will give you an assuring support system for your breasts, just like how your soulmate provides you emotional support. You will feel strong and ready for anything that comes your way.

Bras should not be your burden, they are an enhancement for your body shape and health. It helps you to own up your body and this is when the real sexiness shows.

We believe that a good bra brings out the best of a woman, so we are happy to share with you the lingerie shops that we genuinely recommend based on our own reviews. We are glad to help you shop some quality, affordable bras for yourself.

Lavinia Lingerie was founded in 2002 by a family that aspires to create unique-looking lingerie for women around the world, where their bras serves a function while empowering them. Here is one of their best reviewed bras: the Glossard Glossies Sexy Sheer Molded Bra Series.

With the beautifully transparent fabric that gives of a shimmering finish on your skin, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a bra with this one. They are designed seamless too so you don’t have to worry about the bra lines popping out through your top! One of the bra’s specialty is the metal tag at the side of the band that gives off a classy highlight to the bra while staying simple with the overall design.

Take a look!

If you’re interested, be sure to click below to check out their collection!

Sheer Lace Bra
from Lavinia Lingerie Inc.

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