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Should Young Girls Wear Push up Bras?

Push up bras are known to make your breasts more uplifted, the cleavage is great, and they make your breasts bigger than they actually are. While it’s not a problem for adults to wear this bra, should younger girls, like teenage girls, wear this bra?


Every bra has its benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a push up bra to a young teen.

Lifts the breasts 

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If your teen has larger breasts, this will be especially helpful. A push up bra, hence the name, pushes the breasts up. For smaller breasts. It will help create the impression of a larger bust. For larger breasts, this will give the proper support needed and relieve the wearer of neck, back and shoulder pain. This will help the teen with either her confidence or give her relief for any pain she may experience due to the breasts. 

A natural silhouette

A push up bra not only lifts the breasts and gives great cleavage, but it also helps redefine a woman’s proportions. By giving the upper body a robust look, a push up bra enables a more hourglass figure to the waist, and improves the fit of certain types of garments. For a teen, this could mean feeling more beautiful and more mature, which could be something she desires. 

Shaping and cleavage

Some clothing would benefit from a bit of cleavage, and push up bras play a big role in that. Push up bras give lift from the sides and bottom, which makes the breasts lifted and pushed to the middle to create good cleavage. This makes for a natural flattering look that holds well. If you’re wondering how this will benefit a teen, it would help to boost her confidence and make her feel pretty. 

Social acceptance

One of the major things a teen wants is the approval of her peers, which she can obtain through following the crowd. If many of her friends wear trendy clothing and push up bras, she may want to follow suit to fit in, which in turn will give her more confidence in mingling with the crowd. She may also wish to follow the social standards, which are that large, perky boobs are beautiful. This will make her feel more confident going out to face the world. 


Where there is an advantage, there is a disadvantage. Here are some of the disadvantages of a push up bra. 


While the design of a push up bra is beneficial to the aesthetics, the bra’s design ends up restricting the lymph glands and lymph fluids in the bra. This restriction could lead to abnormalities in the bra such as lumps, fibrous tissues, and cysts in the breasts, and in the worst case scenario may cause breast cancer. 

Sleeping problems

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The hormone melatonin is an essential hormone that helps regulate sleep. Due to the unnatural design and restrictions of a push up or padded bra, push up bras could reduce melatonin levels in the body and cause sleeping problems.  

Permanent breast tissue damage 

Since push up bras reduce the circulation of fluids in the breast tissue from pressing the breasts against the chest, over time it could do serious damage to the breast tissue, and in extreme cases the breast tissue could be permanently separated from the main body tissue. 

Shape damage

Push up bras and padded bras are designed to keep the breasts up against gravity and put extra pressure on the lower breast tissue, which is delicate. If the breast tissue is separated from the main body tissue, this could cause the breasts to sag and spoil the shape of the breasts.

Unwanted attention

Due to push up bras giving such a gorgeous look to the breasts, it could lead to people ogling the teen’s breasts and attract unwanted attention. What makes this more dangerous is if the teen wants that attention and starts wearing more obscene clothing, and eventually getting into situations like the wrong kind of hooking up, one night stands and sexual assaults. 

The conclusion

It’s better if young girls don’t wear push up bras too early, as it could lead to breast damage, health problems, sleeping problems, and they could become targets of predators and perverts. 

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