Stick-on Bras: What Are They and How to Use It?

Stick-on bras! They’re a newer trend than most other bras, and they are sure to rock your world! But did you know that this bra was first invented in 1949? It was called Posĕs before we know it today as sticky bras, stick-on bras, adhesive bras, you name it! The question is, how exactly do they work? What makes them a strapless and backless dress complement? What exactly makes them better than most bras? You’ll find out in this article!

First Thing First

Inventor of Stick-On Bra
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The first thing to know is, what is a stick-on bra? A stick-on bra is basically a bra that has no band and no straps, and like the implies, they are meant to be stuck on your breasts. This bra was surprisingly invented by a man named Charles L Langs who was inspired by his wife when fidgeting with her swimsuit straps. He came up with a stick-on bra that has a cone-shaped design. To ensure the bra can stick to women’s breasts, he used a specially developed adhesive. Nowadays, you’ll find so many distinct stick-on bras which are unique and well-developed as well.

How Things Work

How to Wear Stick-On Bra
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Now, how does it work? How does it give you cleavage and lift despite not having a band or strap? The secret lies in the design. The shape of the stick on bra is specially designed to hug your breasts and with the help of medical-grade adhesive, they stick firmly on and keep your girls together to create some good cleavage. Many of them are molded and made out of smooth materials such as silicon, and this helps give a good grip. The molded shape and adhesive grip in turn give the lift you need when pushing your breasts together. Some of them also have drawstrings in the middle for further tightening and they hold your breasts more firmly. 

Are They Better?

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Rather than saying that the bra is better than any normal bra, a stick-on bra is a perfect choice for a special occasion. For example, when you wanna wear a backless or strapless dress, you can achieve a flawless look with this bra since this bra is both strapless and band-less. Further, these are the plus points of this bra:


Many bras, especially wired bras, are known to be uncomfortable when wearing the wrong size, and even if you wear the right size there is no guarantee that they will feel more comfortable. With a stick-on bra, this doesn’t have to be the case as this bra has soft and flexible silicon materials, and no wiring underneath, this bra won’t poke or pinch you while you wear it. Another thing is this bra is compact and easy to store anywhere you want, a perfect travel company.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the major problems women, especially large-busted women, face. Sometimes, this isn’t because of the weight of your bust, but instead because of the straps of your bra digging into your shoulders. A stick-on bra doesn’t have the straps or band of a normal bra, yet it still offers decent lift and support, which makes this a lifesaver for those who can’t stand bra straps. 

Firm Up

While bras are created to support your breasts, this artificial lifting will make your breasts relax and over time they will droopy without bra support. With a stick-on bra, your breasts will still need to do their job, and your breast muscles will firm up over time.

Skin Abrasion

The soft, smooth, and flexible stick-on bras are comfortable and gentle to your skin, And since they will not pinch or rub, you will have a lower chance of skin abrasion or rashes when wearing a stick-on bra. 

How to Wear Stick On Bras?

Backless Dress
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Wearing a stick-on bra is effortless as what you need is just to stick it on your breasts. The only thing is that you need to wear it properly so that your stick-on bras can last long especially, a stick-on bra consists of adhesive that can lose its stickiness over time. Here are the tips for wearing a stick-on bra from Bzez:

1. Keep your breasts clean and dry before wearing it

First and foremost, you must clean the area of your breasts before you can wear a stick-on bra. This is to ensure the hygiene of your stick-on bras and at the same time, the oil produced from your body could affect the stickiness of the bra. After taking a shower or cleaning your breasts with water and soap, make sure your breasts are fully dry by wiping them with a towel. Avoid sticking them on damp skin.

2. Avoid wearing any products on your breasts

The adhesive of your bra can be affected when in contact with any products. You’ll need to avoid wearing powder, breast cream, body lotion, or oil and perfume if you wanna make your stick-on bra long-lasting.

3. Adjust your stick-on bra properly

Every stick-on bra will come with instruction on how to wear it. Follow the instruction when putting on your stick-on bra. You can stand in front of the mirror and see whether your stick-on bra is in the right direction and at your convenience. This can avoid you from re-adjusting your bra again and again which can cause the stickiness to wear off due to excessive rubbing on your skin.

4. Wash and store it properly

While you may think that a stick-on bra shouldn’t be washed as it can remove the glue, it is still, in fact, very important to wash your stick-on bra since it’s close in contact with the sweat, dead skin, and oil on your skin. You may wash it with warm water and mild soap, then gently rub the glue with your thumb following the circular motion. After that, remove any excess water by shaking the bra before air drying it. To store your stick-on bra, it is recommended to place it separately from other clothes or even towels to ensure that the bra won’t stick to any of those. You might not want the fiber attached to the adhesive which can be annoying and hard to remove. 

Stick-on bras are an amazing invention, and you definitely can’t miss out on this one. Own one in your wardrobe and try it out! You’ll be enchanted by the flawless look of your dress without a bra strap and band!

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