What is a Plunge Bra and Do You Need One?

Most of us want to wear bras that are comfortable, but at the same time, give our breasts a good push and a better look. Plunge bra is a good option if you’re looking for a solution to your problem. Plunge bras may look similar to push up bras from afar. But if you look carefully, there are actually a few differences. This guide is going to explain all the important things that you need to keep in mind before buying a plunge bra!

What Is A Plunge Bra And How To Identify One?

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A plunge bra is more angled in the cup shape compared to a push up bra. It forms a deep V line along your inner boobs to perfectly embrace the shape of your breasts. One thing all plunge bras have in common despite the different styles: they have a low centre cutting. They offer a full cleavage look with the least coverage which makes them more advantageous compared to other push up bras.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing One?

  • Plunge bras have the same functionality as a push up bra, but they provide a more gentle lift and forms a V shaped cleavage, making it more prominent and eye-catching.
  • Plunge bras are perfect to go with low cut dresses as they hide behind the dress just right without having you to worry they will “pop out†or not.
  • Plunge bras make your boobs look fuller naturally without the need of extra padding, hence making it lighter and breathable for your breasts. However, if you prefer paddings, you can still find one with paddings in the market.
  • Even for women with larger bust sizes, plunge bras still offer sufficient support without them “spilling out†or having a “double boob†look.

Are Plunge Bras And Push Up Bras The Same?

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We would say, they are sisters. Their difference is that push up bras mostly have extra padding to lift your breasts, while plunge bras don’t have. Both types of bras help to achieve a push up look, it just depends which one is more comfortable for you or which outfit you’re wearing! If you feel that you are more confident with less coverage of your breasts, go for plunge bras!

Types of Plunge Bras

Push Up Plunge Bra

They are particularly great for low cut clothing or plunging necklines. They have paddings to give your breast a better look, especially for women with smaller breast size.

Backless Plunge Bra

The perfect plunge bra for open back dresses! They function the same as plunge bras, only that they hold your assets by using non-slip rubber linings along the cups to keep your breasts in shape. Do note that they are not fully made of rubber that feels “sticky†and make your breasts sweat a lot. They only attach rubber linings in the inner cup of the bra to hug your boobs.

U Plunge Bra

Like its name, a u-plunge bra forms a deep U in the centre of the bra that goes pretty low. This style of bra goes well with revealing outfits that ensures the cups do not peep out of the dress.

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Strapless Plunge Bra

Just like any strapless bra in the market, plunge bra works like a normal plunge bra, ideally for off shoulder outfits because they can remain undetected under your clothing. 

Now you know more about plunge bras and how to identify one, make sure that you choose the right bra according to your needs and your outfits! Before heading towards a lingerie shop (or shopping cart), make sure to measure your busts to avoid buying the wrong size (and also wasting your money). Make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest information about breast health by following All Things Bras on Instagram!

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