What You Need to Know About Push Up Bra Before Buying One

With women representing 49.58% of the world population, it’s impossible for all women to have the same needs and similar size of breasts (every woman is unique after all)! In this article, we are going to talk about one of the more popular bras in the market — push up bra.

 According to MasterClass, there are up to 28 types of bras currently sold in the market. Each of the bra types cater to different needs of the women: maternity bra for breastfeeding, beginner’s bra which is more suitable for the youths who are still in the developing stage,or shelf bra which are ideal for women with small breast as it has a built in elastic band that is located right under the busts!

Effect Of Push Up Bra via The Better Fit

What Is A Push Up Bra?

Like its name, a push up bra aims to lift the breasts with padding made up of foam in the bra, bringing the breasts towards the centre and making them look perkier. There are different levels in push up bras:

Level 1:

It gently lifts your breasts, giving it a natural look without exaggeration. This is usually recommended for women who have fuller breasts.

Level 2:

It provides a better grip on your breasts, hence making the cleavage more visible. This is for women who have medium-sized breasts, which creates a gap in between. This bra can help bring the breasts closer, giving a fuller look.

Level 3:

It is ideal for women with small breasts, this will greatly help in lifting up the busts and gives you an obvious cleavage.

blue molded lace push up bra
Molded Cup Push-Up Bra Venice from Lavinia Lingerie

Benefits From Wearing Push Up Bras

There are several reasons why push up bras are created to cater some of the women in the market, here’s the advantages of push up bras:

  • They help define your breasts and make you feel more confident.
  • They provide a better hold of your breasts compared to normal bras
  • The paddings in the bra increases the overall comfortability of the wearer
  • For women with fuller breasts, it is a better choice as the extra padding provides a stronger support

Frequently Asked Questions About Push Up Bras

Question: Does wearing push up bras harm your breasts?

Answer: It is harmless to wear push up bras, unless your skin is sensitive to the materials of the bras. However, you should bear in mind to not wear push up bras for an extended period of time. The reason being is because they are designed to be worn for a few hours. If you would like to wear push up bras frequently, it is recommended that you switch between an everyday bra and push up bras so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. Here’s an example of normal everyday bra from Lavinia Lingerie.

Question: Does choosing a smaller size for a push up bra has a better effect in bringing the cleavage out?

Answer: No, and you should not do this. Stay true to your bra size based on the measurements because bra manufacturers design bras based on the correct measurements to make sure it fits you well. Wearing a smaller size bra may cause dangerous consequences such as blocked lymph nodes, bad body posture and breast pain.

Question: Does push up bras have a different fitting compared to normal bras?

Answer: A push up bra should fit you well like how a normal bra does. The cups should fully enclose your breasts and make sure it does not spill out the bra. This may also cause pain throughout your shoulders, neck and back. The bra band should also form a straight line across your back. The straps should not dig in your skin nor should they keep falling off your shoulders. Also, a lot of women often confuse between a push up bra and a plunge bra because they have the same effect, but they are totally different! (Read more: What Is A Plunge Bra And Do You Need One?)

At All Things Bras, we always recommend women to choose the right bras for you carefully. The wrong bra can bring unwanted risks that may deteriorate your well being.

It’s best to consider which push up bra suits you the most before pressing that “Check Out” button in your shopping app. We always welcome you at the All Things Bras community to ask any questions if you ever encounter problems before purchasing a bra, just slide into our DMs on Instagram and make sure to give us a follow for more bra tips!

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